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Stalker Elementary Information

The following grading scale will be used this year in NLCS:
  • A Excellent 90-100
  • B Commendable 80-89
  • C Satisfactory 70-79
  • D Low 60-69
  • F Failing 59 or below

The following criteria will be used to determine the students to be included on the honor roll. An honor roll will be published soon after the end of each nine week grading period. To be eligible for the honor roll, a student shall meet the following guidelines:
  • "A" Honor Roll - Grades 2-12 - A student will be recognized on the "A" Honor Roll by achieving the letter grade of "A" in each class taken.
  • Regular Honor Roll - Grades 2-5 - A student will be on the Regular Honor Roll, :
    • "B" or better in all subjects except handwriting
    • Nothing lower than an "S" in citizenship and work/study habits.
    • No effort grade below "S"


The law is very strict about the dispensing of medication to students. All medication must be in the ORIGINAL container with the DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION. In addition, a written parent permission form, dated and signed, is required. Medication will not be administered unless the afore mentioned steps are followed. STUDENTS ARE NOT TO HAVE ANY TYPE OF MEDICATION IN HIS/HER DESK AT ANY TIME.


The environmental Tobacco Smoke section of the Goals 2000: Educate America Act is entitled the "Pro-Children Act of 1994." This act requires that all facilities utilized to provide education to students be smoke free. It provides that no individual be allowed to smoke in these buildings. Thus, let it be understood that all North Lawrence Community School educational facilities are designated as smoke free. There is to be absolutely no tobacco smoking within any school building or facility which provides any form of education.


The North Lawrence Community School Corporation will use a Two Hour Delayed schedule this year. Should weather conditions be such that the Superintendent feels opening school at the regular time would be an unnecessary risk to the safety of our children, he has been empowered by the Board of School Trustees to call for a two hour delay or to cancel school altogether. With a two hour delay the daily opening of school will begin two hours later than the normal starting time. Lunch and school dismissal, however will occur at the normal time.

Should weather conditions worsen school could be canceled for the day. This policy was put into effect to give Mr. Conner a longer time frame in which to make a decision.


The state of Indiana has mandated an attendance rate of 95% for our students.  With this in mind, we would like to stress that many students who are not as successful as they might be are also those who demonstrate poor attendance practices. As a result, the School Board of Trustees has accepted the offer of the County Prosecutor to provide assistance in this area. We ask that all parents review the attendance policy in the student handbook. We ask that you provide the school with a written note stating the reason for student absences. We further ask that you send the note on the student's first day to return to school. The handbook details attendance policy with regard to excused and unexcused absences. Please help us by following these policies. It would be helpful if parents would give us a call if they are holding their child out of school due to illness or other acceptable reasons.


Parents are welcome to contact teachers or other staff anytime there is a question or concern. We are especially grateful to learn about events at home that may affect academic performance.


We ask all visitors to check in at the office to reduce learning interruptions.


We always welcome volunteers. Let us know if you'd like to help (must pass a background check).


Please take special care when delivering and picking up students at school. These guidelines will help us protect our students:
Parents should stay in cars. If you need to enter the building, please park in the indicated parking areas. Please do not park in driveways. There are two handicap parking areas for those who need them. Do not allow students to cross between cars. Please observe all One way and No Parking signs.


Students who must arrive late or leave early must be accompanied by an adult who signs them in or out. All outer doors including the front entrance will remain locked at all times.  While inconvenient, these measures help us provide a safe, secure place to learn.
    • School Office

      Stalker Elementary School
      420 W Street
      Bedford, IN  47421

      Phone:  812-275-4821
      Fax:  812-277-7726

      Brian Perry, Principal
      Kim Deckard-Morris, Secretary

      Mission Statement

      Stalker Elementary's goal is to assist children to live productive lives in an everchanging society.  Teachers, in partnership with students and parents, will foster life-long learning and accepting ownership of their actions.  In doing so, we will encourage positive attitudes and values that are necessary to be successful citizens.

      School Improvement

      North Lawrence Community Schools strive to continually improve and better prepare our students' future. All improvement plans can be viewed by visiting this page and clicking a school link.
    • School Directory

      Administrative Offices - 812-279-3521
      OLJMG Joint Services - 812-279-6651

      High School
      BNL High School - 812-279-9756
      NL Career Center - 812-279-3561

      Middle School
      Bedford Middle School - 812-279-9781
      Oolitic Middle School - 812-275-7551
      Shawswick Middle School - 812-275-6121

      Intermediate School
      Parkview Intermediate - 812-275-3301

      Elementary School
      Dollens Elementary - 812-275-3885
      Fayetteville Elementary - 812-279-2376
      Heltonville Elementary - 812-834-6632
      Lincoln Elementary - 812-275-6311
      Needmore Elementary - 812-279-2192
      Parkview Primary - 812-275-2333
      Shawswick Elementary - 812-279-3115
      Springville Elementary - 812-279-1388
      Stalker Elementary - 812-275-4821

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